Tab Panels in Container fail to update in Linux 64bit/32bit

I’ve just run into an odd situation. One of my larger apps uses a Page panel to manage 5 display layouts on the main window. On two of the panels, I instantiate a Container that contains a PagePanel. When I first swap pages to one of the pages containing one of the containers, the TabPanel operates properly 1 time through each of the tabs. After that, click on a tab may or ma not display that tab’s contents.

This ONLY happens on 64bit Linux builds. 32bit Linux as well as both Windows and OS X builds don’t exhibit the problem.

I’m trying to create a pared down example. In the mean time, has anyone else run into something like this?

I was wrong - it also happens on 32bit Linux builds as well. Not in the debugger, though…

I have now gotten to the bottom of this - I’m not using a TabPanel to control a PagePanel in a Container, but rather a SegmentedControl (I tried all sorts of creative mechanisms to resolve PagePanel issues under Linux back in the day).

It seems that the SegmentedControl under Linux is now exhibiting issues similar to what we saw in the Web framework back in 2013r1. The interesting thing is that it works properly under 2013r3.3.

I deleted and recreated the Segmented Control and things appear to have stabilized. The original code was create back in 12r2.1 (or possibly earlier), so I suspect that something was “hiding” in the old code.