Tab Panels for Switching Screen Layouts ?

Hi all,

I’m developing a back office / admin app for my company that requires different views for say, sales data, customer info etc (a bit like a CMS in many ways). How would I best achieve the basic structure for this? Would a tab panel that was full screen/window size be the way to go with each tab representing a different view?

I don’t really need full-on hand holding here - just an idea of what technique would be best as I’m new to Xojo (but loving it btw!)

Thanks in advance

Nope. Try with a page panel. Then you need to control how to switch between the panels. And if you plan to add more than a couple of controls to each panel then use container for each panel.

I do this exact same thing. Just what Beatrix said, use a PagePanel. I switch it programmatically from a toolbar at the top, but you could control it any number of ways.

Thanks very much for the speedy replies! I’ll take a look down that route.

I just made a landing screen very like the Xojo new project dialog, where there is a listbox down the left, and a page panel on the right.
When the listbox.listindex changes, I change the page panel to match.
Its neat…
like this:

I always struggle making user interfaces - they can be so difficult (or I overthink the problems way too much). Here’s a sample of a recent attempt I’m working on. Trying to focus on minimal amount of navigation to get to the data. This section uses a sourcelist, listbox, and then container controls in a canvas.

Just been having a fiddle with PagePanels and that’s exactly what I needed. Love the way you can nest them too which is perfect for my needs so thanks again for all your input.

Tanner Lee - are you aware that you didn’t blur out the Office Licence Key in your screenshot!

Thanks Richard, but it’s a dummy.

This is something Ive been looking at of late too. I went with a similar interface, using 2 ‘columns’ and a main display area. The left-most column is a custom control (My very first cc ever!), the second (Listbox) shows a small summary based on what is selected, then when a row is selected in the listbox it will shows the detailed information in the main display area, neatly divided up into several tabs. The left column controls the listbox, the listbox controls the tabpanel, and so on. I found it very easy in Xojo to code the control of each area according to what has been selected. I realised I could not use a tree view type control for my left column, hence the custom one Ive used instead. Left column = categories, listbox = short summary, tabpanel = detailed information.

Hi! I am trying to switch pagepanel pages using toolbar buttons, but cannot get the code right. How would I formulate this?


in the action method of the toolbutton, set the page panel index to what you want it to be

anytime you have code but “cannot get the code right”… .show us what you did

Thanks! I got it to work. This is the code I am using:

Select case
Case “StoriesTBItem”
SCPPanel.value = 0
Case “CatPlotTBI”
SCPPanel.value = 1
Case “CharactersTBI”
SCPPanel.value =2
Case “WorldsTBI”
SCPPanel.value =3
Case “CreationStepsTBI”
SCPPanel.value =4
Case “WriteTBI”
SCPPanel.value =5
Case “ClockTBI”
SCPPanel.value =6
Case “LocationsTBI”
SCPPanel.value =7
Case “IDrawerTBI”
SCPPanel.value =8
End Select