Tab Order in ContainerControls

I have gone through a fairly convoluted method of setting tab order for the controls in a ContainerControl. However tabbing in the controls does not move to the next in tab order. Is this something that just isn’t supported in ContainerControls?

Why convoluted? There’s no difference in setting tab order for controls on a CC.

Make sure that the TabStop property of your controls is set to On (see the Advanced Inspector (the gear)). Also ensure you aren’t returning True in the Keydown events.

Thanks, Gavin. OK. I’m going to feel stupid on this, however, the only place I set tab order in the IDE any more is on the View menu. That works , but TabStop & TabIndex is no longer a choice in the IDE. Also I’m not seeing a FocusRing on the controls in the ContainerControl when the focus changes. Am I missing some changes?

You can also access the same window by a button in the toolbar - it’s the one to the right of the Lock button. But yeah, that’s how you set the tab order.

If it’s not showing the focus ring (and the FocusRing property is set to On in the Inspector obviously), then I’d definitely check TabStop is set to On. If it’s not, you’ll see the behavior you’re seeing. TabStop is now in the menu with the Gear icon in the Inspector (it was moved there in the most recent release).

Thanks, Gavin. Sorry to take so long to respond. End-of-quarter stuff. I’m glad to find stuff I’ve been missing. The gear icon reveals a lot. Glad you pointed that out to me.

I do have focus ring property set On and it’s still not showing a focus ring on the controls. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.