tab between cells in listbox?


I have a modified listbox, that acts like a spreadsheet, so tab moves the focus to the next cell.
this works perfectly on Windows, but on OSX it moves the focus to the next control on the window.

how do i make this work?

You should capture the TAB character on the CellKeyDown event:

if asc(key) = 9 then
// here you find the next cell to make editable, and use editCell on it
return false
end if

I can’t understand how it works on windows, since it should not out of the box…

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Same everywhere ?

i must have been doing something very odd, because now it seems to work. not sure what though!

This happens to me, some timesÂ…

Last time, I used a step integer variable to go week after week in a loop. The stand alone worked fine / give correct weekly entries. I had to modify something and notices that the step variable was set to 17 (? 7 days a week onlyÂ…).

Also, the other routine added an unknow value to step 1 day (2 on Saturday).

I never knew how this was done / possible.

And I do not even talk about recent laptop / TouchPad interactions user/front document… [how about the use of the “Lock the Touch Pad Function key ?]