Getting error “This item does not exist” any suggestions?

Which version of Xojo are you using?

Works fine here

System.Speak("this is a test")

Note that if you want more control over System.Speak you can use GitHub - kingj5/iOSKit

  • AVFoundation.AVSpeechUtterance
  • AVFoundation.AVSpeechSynthesizer
  • AVFoundation.AVAudioSession.SetCategoryWithOptions

Version 2021 Release 2

you are correct

works in a new project file

but not in my older project file.

If you have Simple references turned on in the build settings of your older project, that might prevent system.speak from working.

Yes that is the case I am pretty sure. That little switch I guess has helped and caused some issues. The switch does not exist in newer versions? Will it ever go away?

Simple references is now deprecated.
New projects always have Simple references off with no way to turn them on.

Thank you sir.

Is there a simple way to make an old project with simple references turn on to a new file with simple references turn off? No pun intended…

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