System.Speak Volume

The subject says (nearly) all:

how to set the System.Speak ?

OK, my loudspeakers are now nearly destroyed (so it is too late for me), but I do not want to do that for other systems…

I searched, but failed to reach how to lower the system sound.

Heu… why would you mess with the users system volume? That’s his choice and you shouldn’t change that from your app. Bad practice to say the least.

Thank you Christophe for your input.

On the overall, I am with you, excepted in this case:

You are correct, but not doing so is the best to destroy your loudspeakers as I wrote earlier.

Before trying (verifying) what I wrote, lower your sound and use Speak… or use Speak and then cry.

Since I learned this lesson, I use external loudspeakers, and at 50% (Sound Volume), the said string was loud enough. (100% is my TV volume; yes, I watch TV on my Laptop External screen).

For macOS, at least, this could be implemented. Maybe a feature request?

Thank you Anthony, but the target is Windows and the time is now.

I will throw away the idea.

Ah, I’ll move this to the Windows category, then. Maybe someone else will have a quick fix.

Thank you.

(THe developing machine is … Apple. That is why I do not set a Target here).

Check the MBS Xojo Plugins with NSSpeechSynthesizerMBS class for macOS and WinSpeechMBS class for Windows.