System Log

During the debugging of application, how can I write the system.logs to messages section (find/error/messages bottom part of IDE)


system.log(system.LogLevelWarning, "got this message")

Marc, only on Windows Event log is written as Warning message. I would prefer to print on message area in Xojo IDE, rather to search on the event viewer.

Perhaps it needs a different log level on Windows? On the Mac the above shows up in the Messages area within the IDE.

According to fundamentals pdf, the command is system.DebugLog(“got this message”), but again not message on message panel. Any other idea ?

You are running this within the IDE, not from a built app, right?

yes, from the IDE

I have no idea. As far as I know, that feature should be cross-platform. It works great for me on the Mac.

Thanks Marc,

Can someone else with Windows 7, to provide some info ?

I’m getting it working fine for desktop projects, but not for Web.

Correct, I am working for WEB app

I opened a bug case (Xojo: Account Login)>]

print "hello world" should work in WE as it’s a console app :slight_smile:


Yes it’s working. Thanks for your advice.