System.Log(System.LogLevelNotice, "abc") : no longer working on macOS?

All my logging seems to have disappeared from the system.log on macOS.

I’m on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 with Xojo 2017r3, on a MacBook Pro. The app is sandboxed.

Has anyone seen this as well? I did not check for some time, but it used to work on earlier versions.

system.debug still works fine here.

System.DebugLog stopped working on Xojo 2017r3 on 10.12.X and 10.13.X.
I cannot see any System.Log function defined in xojo so i assume that is what you are talking about.

Just for your knowledge :slight_smile:

In High Sierra 10.13.0, I found that although my log entries wouldn’t show up in when I had the computer selected in the sidebar (e.g. “Devices / MyComputerName”) I could see them if I selected system.log in the sidebar. Anyone else seeing this?

[quote=367351:@Tim Parnell]Just for your knowledge :slight_smile:[/quote]

I don’t get System.Log as autocomplete in xojo 2017r2.1 in a desktop app and looked here where it is not defined.

That’s the new Xojo framework documentation. System.Log exists in the classic framework.
(it’s confusing, I know)

So it does, just not in auto complete, yay!

Autocomplete for System.* is broken since 2017 R2, at least it worked some version before that for me.
Xojo won’t seem to do anything about it, since there are bug reports but it’s not fixed.

But the system.* module has the classic items for all platforms except iOS

I’ve been using “System.log” for years to look at the log.

In the IDE, you can click on the “WiFi” looking symbol at the bottom of the window to see the log that comes from your application BTW. It only displays the current/last session, but I use it a lot.