System.Log not working for me on Windows2012R2

I have this OSX/Win console application that I am gradually turning into a service for windows and a LaunchDaemon for OSX.
Yesterday, I changed my AppLog subroutine to use System.Log instead of Print, and this works nicely for the OSX side, which after launch with launchctl logged correctly to the system log. If I launch it from the console, it redirects output to my terminal window instead of logging to the system.log, which is a bit strange, but it works for me. Already this tells me though something is not entirely OK.
Running it on windows server though ( 2012R2 ) I find nothing in the event log. It is not clear to me if I should find entries in the system or the applications log, both are displaying absolutly nothing. I’m launching from a terminal window, and output isn’t even redirected to the window.
I’m confused by this behaviour difference, and would really like to log to the Events log on Windows.

Because I do to keep the same code base for both WIndows and OSX, I have not turned the apps into a ServiceApplication and I am not daemonizing the app on OSX. I just have it as a console application, which is the best choice for me as I can easily test it. I use NSSM on Windows to turn it into a service, and it works fine on the logging if I “print” in my code instead of “system.log”, I redirect i/o to a file, presto. But I don’t want to do that. I want it to log to the Events log.

So in short, my question is: can I use System.Log() in a console application an make it log to the Windows Event log? And actually find entries back with the Event Viewer? Please help.

I use System.Debuglog with Microsoft DebugView, and it works quite nicely, akin to OS X Console. It is possible it receives System.Log as well.

Hi Michel,
Thanks for the tip. When I run the app modified for System.Debuglog from the console, DebugView captures the output. So this works at least. If I run the app modified for System.Log it doesn’t work. Probably logical because the app is called DebugView.
Great tool to add to my arsenal, but unfortunately it doesn’t solve the problem.
I thnk I will stick to “print” for the Win version and let NSSM do the log rolling, haven’t tested that part yet. This sucks of course.
I plan to release this as a (freeware) product so it would be the best if the Event logging mechanism just worked, without any additional tools to view the log - except the Event Viewer.

Maybe this could help :

Another useful tool, it would help even more if Microsoft provided a download link. It seems like something very old. I did not pursue this possible solution further because it requires yet another component to be installed. I think I’ll stick to the NNSM logging method. But thanks for trying to help.

Ouch. I naively thought it was part of the system.