System.DebugLog not possible?

Is there a way to get System.DebugLog to work in Xojo android. I’m not seeing any output being passed to the Xojo IDE. I’ve tested to run an pause, after stop etc. nothing seems to give actual messages.

System.DebugLog is working in my tests:

CleanShot 2023-09-25 at 09.23.48

You are running macos, i’m on windows 11. Please do test on both sides, since it should work on both systems. At least it’s not working if i add any system.debuglog into a sample project. The ide is not receiving anything other than things added by the xojo ide itself.

You are correct, it does not seem to be working on Windows 11.

I did not see an Issue for this, so I created one:

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Thanks @Paul_Lefebvre now we’re getting forward…:wink: