system.debuglog messages while remote debugging

I’m debugging a Win64 webapp from a Mac. Most everything works great except I’m not seeing my system.debuglog messages in the debugger (on the mac). Does this not work or am I doing something wrong?

Calling System.DebugLog writes to the Windows System log when the app is running on Windows.

But shouldn’t the messages make their way back to the IDE while remote debugging?

No. They are logged using the facilities of the host they are running on (which means locally).

Maybe something has changed as I’m pretty sure Xojo 2014 returns debug message back to my Mac when I remote debug.

i run debug view on windows machine to see the system.debuglog

While most messages should be shown they may not all be shown simply because the performance of the message log in the IDE has shown to be a problem in the past. This is especially true if you do a lot of very rapid debuglogging.
The IDE’s message log may drop some messages to avoid getting so far behind that its performance impacts overall debugging. The target systems debugging facilities may show them all. macOS Console App will not show many many duplicates. Windows & Linux may/may not do the same.