Syslog Style Logging w/ Facility Level Demo

Hi all,

I thought I would share my syslog style code module with those that are interested. I implemented a facility level similar to Syslogd since I needed this functionality within my apps. I wrote a quick demo window to showcase the functionality…

Syslog Style Logging Demo link


is there a reason you went with GPL over one of the other OSS licenses? With it being GPLed, I cant use it in any commercial/non-open-sourced apps. I understand the want/need to open source it. Some licenses like the BSD one (there are many others) allow the use of the code in non-open-sourced apps.

looks great,

Scott actually I have to admit I am not a License guru at all :frowning: I thought the GPL was what I needed, but I am not required to use it. my intent is to allow anyone to use it in commercial apps… Which License do you recommend?

Not GPL. Never GPL. BSD or MIT are good.

Thanks Guys! THis is my first stab at the licensing thing :slight_smile: Ill make the changes. :slight_smile:

BSD or something like it

Awesome, I just updated it with the BSD license. Thanks!!

I havent tried your software but it looks very awesome. it would be able to solve an itch that I have had for a while now about debug logging. I can write to a syslog/file over to the “console”. big win for me. thanks!!

I have a newly formatted Xojo Public repository on GitHub for those that use Git,

My GitHub Xojo Public Repository