Syntax Error on calling the select method of an external object

Using an external DLL library which I successfully can access after registering the DLL I face the following problem.

select is a method of the external object, however when using it as such it throws a Syntax error for whatever reason.

What have I done wrong and how to get around this.

Any help is appreciated.

  Dim gw as OLEObject
  Dim LastError As Integer
  Dim idx, cnt AS Integer
  Dim Name, Address As String
  gw = New OLEObject("ibsgateway800.gateway")
  gw.setpath("<<some path>>")
  Print gw.LastError"Customer", "a_customer_get")"a_customer_get")  [b]// <<<=== Syntax error <<<===[/b]
  cnt = gw.reccount()
  Print Str( cnt)
  For idx=0 to cnt
    Name = gw.get("Name")
    Address = gw.get("ADD1")
    Print gw.get("Account") + " Name/Addresss " + Name + " " + Address
  gw.close( "a_customer_get")