Switch to API2

XOJO 2022r1 - Windows 10
I am trying to convert my program to API2.
After changing to Desktop controls -
Old code uses DesktopListBox.CellValueAt(x,y)
Gives error because ‘DesktopListBox’ has no member named ‘CellValueAt’
What is the replacement member for ‘CellValueAt’
I suppose it should be ‘CellTextAt’ but the documentation is not clear about this.
‘Used to SET the text of the call based on the row and column numbers passed’.
They don’t talk about GET

Is there somewhere a way to find out the replacement members for no more existing members ?
Not only for the Listbox → DesktopListbox but also for other controls that become Desktop… ?


CellTextAt is correct for both Set and Get.

This may help:

The new documentation needs and update for CellTextAt

In which case @Volbragt_Etienne click the link about sending doc feedback at the bottom of the page and describe how he docs needs updating on that point.

or file a feedback report.

I have reported documentation errors using feedback and email.
My ‘feeling’ is that email reports are fixed faster.