Switch off "Supports Dark Mode" for Windows builds

I’m building macOS Universal 64bit and Windows 64bit apps. I have “Supports Dark Mode” in build settings enabled as I have updated all window and custom controls to work in dark mode on macOS. As I’m using Xojo 2021r3.1 which doesn’t support dark mode for Windows I assumed that it wouldn’t be possible to get Windows to switch my app into dark mode. However, during the week I received a screen shot from a user showing my Windows app in dark mode with text not displaying correctly in a ListBox (as it doesn’t set the colours correctly). I’m not sure what version of Windows this client was using. So my question… Is there a way to set “Supports Dark Mode” to False for Windows only builds? I see App.SupportsHiDPI but no App.SupportsDarkMode.

At some stage I might consider supporting dark mode on Windows, but as most of my users are on macOS for now I’d like to delay this.

You can add a build step for windows that uses IDE scripting to turn it off.

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I think dark mode was introduced in 2021r3. See Welcome to the Dark Side of Windows – Xojo Programming Blog on how to disable it.

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