Survey: Mouse wheel scrolling in the IDE on Windows

My vote is also for option 2.

I vote for option 2.

Also prefer Option 2

Option 2. PLEASE improve the mouse behavior in the IDE for Windows…

By the way the issue with the mouse wheel is not isolated to the IDE but built applications as well. Please see this thread as well:

Mouse Scroll Thread

Option 2 please :slight_smile:

Option 2.

Option 2.

Option 2. I love apps where I can quickly move the cursor over a new panel and use the mouse the wheel to adjust. I hate having to click on it, scroll, then click back where you were.

Option 2

option 2

i hadn’t even realised i had to click in the navigator, i just thought mouse scroll didn’t work in the navigator!

option 2 please

Even if I use my MousePad, the actual behavior is … incorrect (Mode 1).

Mode 2 is really what we all love.

Option 2 for me as well. I think it’s unanimous so far?

Option 2 (the mac way is more logical)

Well, Option 2 Its the ideal. But, Why the IDE is not working with all the mouses??? Its FRUSTRAING having an IDE that dosnt work correctly. I had a high resolution wheel mouse And XOJO its the only app that wont work with this mouse. Please Fix this. Not really comfortable working without scrolling, or having to use an older mouse just for XOJO.

Another vote for option 2.