Supressing Terminal when opening ServiceApps

This actually goes back aways… I needed a helper app for my main app. So I created it in REAL/Xojo as a service app. If I started it using the FolderItem Launch command, I would get the Terminal showing (annoying) and I want to suppress it.

On the mailing list (R.I.P.) I was recommended to use a Shell object to run the ServiceApp and that would avoid the Terminal window showing up. For some reason I believed it. I do this:

Dim s As New Shell
s.Execute("open " + f.ShellPath)

But the Terminal window still appears. (Charles Yeomans made that suggestion, and he’s pretty smart.)

Keith DeLong suggested using Launchd scripts - I haven’t tried that, but I would like to know why a Shell “open” command still opens a Terminal window. I just want it suppressed - the HelperApp does work, it’s just the Terminal opening is annoying to my clients.

Why would you create it as a service ?
I plain console app probably would suffice

I would not “Open” the app - just use the name of the app as the command to be run

Thanks - that worked. I made it a ServiceApp to keep it simpler.

console apps are simpler than service apps
service apps are “console apps” plus a bit