Supporting Ukraine and the Status of the Valentina Team

There’s a much longer winded version of this on the Paradigma Software website if you would like a bit more background.

If you have been using Paradigma Software products for a while, you likely know it is an international company. Our co-founder and original creator of the Valentina database is from Ukraine and leads our development team in Kherson, Ukraine.

So what of the Paradigma Software development team?
Kherson is at present under the control of Russian forces, though while attacked, it is not devastated to date to the extent of other cities, such as Kharkiv. Locals are not taking it lying down, but actively protesting against the presence of the Russian military. To date, none of the team has expressed a desire to flee, but rather remain and protect their homes and the lives they have built. This includes everyone, even our interns from the highly regarded, local university.

Services and support of Paradigma Software continue and our IP is safe. Many of our long time customers, colleagues and friends have been asking, especially since they noticed some of our developers are regularly posting to our forums. While the direction of this war may change conditions in the future, they are not interested in running. You can expect this to continue.

We do ask that you continue supporting us. As a company, we are ‘granting amnesty’ on renewals so long as the original order was placed after we did our new site relaunch in 2016. You can find out if your license is listed on your account.

Friends of Valentina in Ukraine GofundMe
While there are now dozens of venues to donate in support of Ukraine, we set up a GoFundMe to support not only our extended team and their families but, for the purpose of providing some additional support to colleagues and their families associated with the local university and the city of Kherson. You can find out more information about the Friends of Valentina in Ukraine Gofundme on the Gofundme website.


:ukraine: CCCP Go Home.
Arrest Palpatine (Putin) for crimes against humanity!


Give us updates about Ruslan and family as soon as it’s possible and safe.


Thanks all! So far, nobody has had their homes attacked, and internet and phone service seem uninterrupted (after a few ‘shakes.’). We’ll be posting some updates to the Paradigma forum and also over on the GoFundMe as well. One of our team members did have a very harrowing escape from Kiev but managed to get back to Kherson right before Kherson came under Russian control.


It knew Ruslan was in that approximate part of the world but didn’t consider that he might be in Ukraine. I hope he and his family are safe.

What is happening in Ukraine right now is an insult to our very species. Putin is a deranged lunatic who puts our very existence in jeopardy as he could easily start a nuclear war. I don’t expect Putin to be successful in his adventure into Ukraine but a lot more Ukrainians and Russians will die before this ends.

If this ends Putin’s reign and Russia as a result becomes a truly free and fair democracy, that would at least be something good that comes from this but Ukraine and to a lesser extent Russia will have paid a heavy price for it.


In some areas, including Kherson, Russian troops are looking for existing commissioners and publicly elected officials so they can try to force them to become part of a new region that will be Russia friendly. Of course, this seems much like what the Nazis did to France with the Vichy government. Russia is looking for the easiest path to legitimizing what they are doing.

Radio Europe interviewed one of those commissioners that are doing their best to avoid being found by Russian forces.

So far, the entire team is okay, and their immediate families.


You have a dream . . . I hope this will come true, but unfortunately I guess the price will be quite high.

He’s done. But what does a rabid dog that has control over a nuclear arsenal do when pushed into the corner?

That one person has enough power to destroy two countries and threaten the entire world with a nuclear apocalypse in a matter of a few weeks is mind-boggling.

Scary times.

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The war has lasted now for six months, and today is Ukrainian Independence Day 2022.

Yesterday, the Biden administration issued a warning for Americans to leave Ukraine as it is suspected that Russia will dial up attacks, starting today, after the recent espionage in Crimea and the death of Darya Dugina. The “special military operation” is starting to become too visible and harder to ignore for Russians - especially as vacationers in Crimea return home.


I wanted to give you all an update. Currently most of our team is out of Kherson.

Although Russia is making a lot of noise about a referendum in occupied areas (including Kherson), that effort doesn’t seem to be moving as quickly as Russia would like. People are not turning out to vote. Staying off the radar of the occupation is what most people are doing.


Of course, I’m speaking from outside of the event arena, but would the referendum vote require a quorum? Not voting could be turning things over to the Russian effort since the only people that would turn out to vote would be sympathizers and turncoats. Stay off the RADAR - yes, but just submit due to lack of action seems to be worse.

If you force people to vote with a gun pointed to them, you can’t believe the result.

This is not a referendum, but a propaganda event!


That was my point.

Russia does not care about quorum, reality or whatever. The results were ready to be announced before starting to “poll”. The declaration of “97%+ people voted to become part of the Russia territory” was already issued, even if it was 12% or less.


Oh boy,

Poutine and Medvedev are so nice people. I just hope they get what they deserve.

it is like a whack-a-mole game. whack one, another one pops up somewhere else. There are Poutines in every country waiting in the shadows. Some even get elected!

It is a no win situation. If you get on their radar, you can be sure at a minimum they’ll look through your cell phone and try to force you to give up your passport (in exchange for a new Russian one). And you will remain on their radar as well.

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The “referendums” were decided before they commenced. Russia will annex the four territories, just like they did with the Crimea Peninsula. Practically no country will recognise the referendums, but that won’t stop Putin. I pity the people in those regions, but this is happening, it’s a fact. The only hope is that Putin can claim some sort of victory, and end the war. If that doesn’t happen, I dread to think what happens next.


He may suspend “the operations” but won’t stop. The future is bleak.

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Just heard military operations didn’t go well in Kherson today for the ukranian military…

do you know what happened in Zaporijia ? like Kherson?
I know linux/postgres dev there i was working with, i have no news in a while…when the russian got in the city…He even removed his upwork account, knew him for 7 years… :sob:
he was living with his mother, i’m afraid they got deported to russia or something…

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