SuperSpriteSurface won't work

Xojo just crashes when I try to use the SuperSpriteSurface class. Might this have something to do with the changes of Xojo? Please can somebody have this fixed. I really think that the Xojo team should get round to fixing it, as it does link me to TinRocket’s SuperSpriteSurface and the class is open source. Are there any good alternatives to this class that works. Thanks

Define ‘crashes’?

The compiled app stops running.

You can test it for yourself.

I cannot fix it myself because I am not really an Xojo expert.

This problem is on the Windows platfrom btw, if that helps.

i[quote=21396:@Joe Ranieri]Define ‘crashes’?[/quote]
I have also forgot to mention that I use the demo source code. Located here within the folder: SuperSpriteSurface_2\Demo Applications\SuperSpriteSurface Demo - Windows

Ah, that does make a very large difference. You should file a Feedback report with whatever information you have about the problem and attach the ‘’ file to the case.

You please do it because it does not work on my computer for some reason.

I am talking about the feedback system.