Superclass properties in variable display when debugging

When debugging, if you select an object in the variables list, it will display all of the properties of that object. If it is a class that you created based upon a superclass, then there will be some properties that you created mixed in with that (probably long) list will be the properties you created.

If the object is based upon a container control, usually I am not interested in the position (Left, Top etc) or the color, or .Visible etc. I just want to see the properties I created in my subclass.

Is this possible to filter this list so it doesn’t display all the superclass properties?

but there are soooo many nice things that could be added to the debugger
this is one of them.

Right-click on the ContainerControl in the navigator, then select “Inspector Behavior”. Uncheck the properties you don’t want to see.

Wow. Thanks Andrew. I never would have found that.
I need to play around with it to understand all what it does, but this looks to be the business.

Oh I see. That is just the inspector. I am assuming it does not affect the debugger, as all of the custom properties of the container control are not checked.

Cool feature, which I did not know, but not the feature I am looking for.

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