Sunday evening in Austin?


someone there tonight already?
Wouldn’t mind some party for dinner…

Greetings from Houston,

Paul is here already, so we are at least 3.

And Norman :slight_smile:

I’ll be in the lobby around 6:30pm if people want to meet up.

We’ll come. Thanks Paul :slight_smile:

I’ll take my private jet! :wink:

Where are yall going to go?

Meeting( Lobby, Paul) dim places() as Restaurant Do Places = DiscussPlacesToGo Loop until places.ubound = 0 PostToForum Places(0).Location

That often turns into an infinite loop. :wink: I hope you’re still not discussing it.

Ah he missed one line

if sillinessEnsues then FollowNormToFood :P

Which is more or less what we settled on
Although Geoff led the way