Suitability of using 32in or 43in 4K monitors for development?

It’s new monitor time! I’m tempted to go big this time around.

Can anyone share their experience of using larger 32 in or 43 in 4K monitors for development and general computing?

Are they too big?

Am I better off with two monitors? etc.

Kind regards, Andrew

I use 40 inch at home and work. And 32 in one other place…and I can tell you its hard to go back to the 32.

Note though, some people at work returned their 40 inch since because glasses they had then with split glass in it they found it hard to use the 40. So not all like it that’s for sure.

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can’t the user lower the resolution in the 40" monitor??

Both me and Richard has 32" and Richard set it to lower and I set it to the highest

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Yes of course you can, problem for them was somehow the area they had to focus on which made it difficult for them to look in correct spot in the glasses.

(For that reason I am stubborn about my self getting split glasses don’t want to have trouble with the 40 inch screens)

In all fairness then those people maybe also panicked and just did not give it enough chance. Its very different how you use 40 inch screen vs 24 inch.

Note the pricing is in Australia dollars but I was thinking this 43" Smart Monitor M7 UHD | Samsung Australia .

what is this split glasses you are referring to???

I dont know the english word, its glasses where you look at them in different spots and get different lenses. Like if your both near and far sighted.


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True 5K (5120x2880) or 1440p is my choice.

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mine go up to 3840x2160 with the help of a little app called SwitchResX

I think my spec is varifocal… don’t have the line…

I used dual monitors since Win95B enabled it back in the mid 90’s. I did not use a mac until probably 2008 or so.

At any rate, while in the past I was a strong advocate of dual monitors, I much prefer my 40" TV in my office. A couple years ago one of my 27" monitors running 2560x1440 died, and I had to either get a replacement 27" or single 40" TV. There was a sale at the time where I got the TV for only like $20USD more than a replacement 2560x1440 27".

And the TV’s energy savings compared to the 27 inch “energy saver” would actually pay for the TV within a year. I’ll never look back. For my purposes, the 40" is better in every way. I often treat is as two side by side 1920 x 2160 monitors with zero bezel between them. And have hotkeys assigned to via Better Touch Tool to instantly move / resize a window to various areas of my 3840x2160 workspace. Less total pixel width than my previous dual 2560 width, but for development purposes I prefer the 50% greater height because I can see so more more at once vertically by the time you lose some top area to toolbars, lower area to search / debug panes, etc. And there is still plenty of horizontal width to show all the windows and floating palettes I want.

At the time I went with 40" instead of 43" even though they were very nearly the same price, because the 40" worked out to nearly exactly the same pixels per inch as my previous 27" monitors. A 50" was barely more money too, but would require more head movement to take in, and I calculated that at my viewing distance, I would be better off with the 40". It’s been great.

I can see where needing bifocals or split glasses or whatever you want to call them could present a serious impediment. So YMMV. But I absolutely love it.

When traveling, I now use a 16" MBP with dual 4k external 15.6" monitors, but all
running a lower resolution than 4k because my aging eyes cannot comfortably read at a 4k resolution anymore. I will second the recommendation for SwitchResX to gain more control over available resolutions, and setup multiple display groups you can hop between via hot keys. Great for resizing for different configurations to see what a window would look like at various user resolutions.

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I use my 70 inch 4k TV as one monitor and then I have an Asus zenbook Duo with two monitors on that laptop and I frequently use all three for coding.

I usually have two xojo windows at least opened on the TV and then the docs on one of the laptops monitor and the forums opened on the other, along with maybe some coding music and maybe task manager.

Personally, I consider 4K to be 1080p equivalent, since ideal scale is 200%. Sure, you can pick other resolutions, but they either won’t be pixel-perfect, or really small. But I suppose 4K at 40” isn’t any different than 1080p at 20” when both are set to 100% scale.

I use up to 3 monitors… 27" retina iMac, 24" Dell (native resolution 1920 X1200) and 31.5" 4K Samsung TV (3840X2160).

What I’m mainly focusing on is on the iMac , with the others having additional Xojo Windows or reference material., language ref etc.


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Bifocals (with a hard line between the two) or Progressives (no visible lines)

32" is minimum, if you will use full resolution of 4k.
all below will be hard to read.
my older full hd is 22,83", in 4k it would be 45,66"

my distance to pc is 50-70 cm.

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there are
with and without HDR
with and without speakers
height-adjustable and tiltable

32" at amazon 240-340€ over the year.
i know because i put them on wishlist and i make always a remark at best price.

favorites are LG, Viewsonic, BenQ

we have 2 LG monitor that has speaker, height-adjustable and tiltable, with HDR but don’t know how to find out about IPS or VA or TN… very good monitor.

the distance between the screen for me is 23" which is 55-60cm

its more interesting for gaming or designer, or just because you like colors.