Suggestions requested for web GUI

Hello all.

I have to create a Web page that will be used to assign ObjectA to one or more sub-objects of ObjectB.

For example:
ObjectA1 <==> ObjectB.1
ObjectA2 <==> ObjectB.10
ObjectA3 <==> ObjectB.2
ObjectA4 <==> ObjectB.3
ObjectA5 <==> ObjectB.3
ObjectA10 <==> ObjectB.28
ObjectA10 <==> ObjectB.29

This is a process that would not be performed often, but would be used for initial configuration and changes in the future (additions, alterations etc). Was thinking of check boxes or, adding info to a line that described what was being assigned or whatever.

The GUI would probably be used to show relationships between the objects after being assigned.

Ideas for best Xojo or plugin to use, and/or someones similar example code, or screen shot would be really really helpful.
Any ideas/suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Something like an interface for matching fields in an import file to fields in a database table?

Yea! That would be very close Greg!

Any sample or other advice?

Thank you!

I don’t have a sample, but I can imagine two ways out of the gate…

A series of:
WebLabel (ObjectA1) PopupMenu(objectB)

You could create a container with those and add as many as you need.

Another way would be to use the web drag and drop capability. you could start with object b items in a container list and have the user drag them onto the object a items.

Thanks Greg.
I was playing with a pair of weblist boxs, but that does not seem to work (2016R3).
Is there something specific for weblistboxes that needs to be coded to make it work?