Suggestions on custom list?

Hi all,

I’m exploring Xojo, and I was hoping someone might have a suggestion…

I have an iPhone app I wrote that I’d really like to port to a web app to offer it to other devices. I’m considering the possibility of using Xojo for this (obviously :wink: ) - but here’s my problem (opportunity):

My app displays a variety of tableviews, the table views use a custom UITableViewCell that is smaller than the edge to edge of the table and has gaps between each cell. Each cell also has rounded corners. Underneath is an image background.

Now, I can represent the basic data in a listview, but it won’t be “close” to what the iPhone version is, and I’d really like to at least get it somewhat close in appearance. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I might go about this? The background isn’t as much of an issue (there appears to be a variety of options, a lower level imagewell or using a canvas), but the representation, scrolling and tappability of custom cells is where I’m not sure what I might be able to do; I could probably add a bunch of subviews into some sort of a scrolling container (I realize some of my terminology may be wrong, and I apologize for that) but I was wondering if there was a prebuilt solution or suggestions as to how I could handle it in a clean manner.

You ask greg for a tutorial on using the WebCustomControl SDK and then you can create whatever you’d like :stuck_out_tongue:
And then you can get a list that looks like (from the app created for the recent XDC event)

I’m not sure if some of these controls will be rolled out as examples or not but we do have some clean up to do on them before that can happen.
BUT, the Web SDK lets you craft controls that look just about however you’d like

Oh my, it’d be wonderful to see an example along those lines! I’m not sure who Greg is to ask though :frowning: I’ll say though, I haven’t programmed anything in any form basic in over 25 years, but seeing what Xojo offers makes me really excited to learn their form of the language and see how I can use the product!

Greg O’Lone - another engineer here

Thanks again :slight_smile: I’ll first take a look at the Web SDK and see where I can get. I’m really enjoying learning the platform!

There are also several examples in the default install of Xojo