Suggestions managing multiple stacked web tab panels in the IDE?

I’ve created a web page with several tab panels and each tab panel has various tabs. At run time, the chosen tab panel becomes visible and displays details corresponding to the user’s selection. It looks nice and is exactly what I want. (I have four tab panels and each has two to six tabs.)

However, placing fields and buttons on each panel’s tabs in the IDE is sometimes very difficult. It is awkward because so many controls are visible at once in the IDE and they overlap each other. Visually, it’s a real mess while I’m designing and trying to place controls on the tabs of the tab panels. In some instances I can’t put a button where I want it to go; it ends up on another tab or another tab panel. Is there an easier way to deal with this that I haven’t discovered, yet? I realize this may seem like a minor issue, but it’s giving me a major headache! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

It might be easier to design each tab content as a WebContainer.