Suggestion : Yes / No question on delete item IDE


When I’m working in the IDE (windows) and when I’m typing in function/routine, sometimes when I need to delete some text with the keyboard, when pressing on the delete button
on my keyboard it doesn’t delete the text but I deleted a items from the left pane example it removes a class, module…
For some reason one of the items got the focus on the left and the delete keypress remove that item class, module without note …

Is it possible when deleting something from the left pane it ask are you sure you want to delete #item# ?


I vote no. Those dialogs are annoying as shit.
Cmd-Z, undo, if you delete an object you wish you didn’t.

Maybe this is only related to windows IDE but its very annoying sometimes because when it deleted something from the left pane (due bug / little fault in IDE) I don’t see what is deleted and if you project is big the left pane can contains a lot of stuff (classes, modules, method names, controls…) so It’s hard to see what is removed… and to use CTRL-Z on every strange action in the IDE doesn’t make sense.

Tho show a message box should solve this issue.

For example, I’m using also Visual Studio 2015 for other development.
When deleting something from the Solution Explorer it will always ask : “The item will be permanent deleted” Are you sure ?

The right thing to report is a bug about it NOT deleting the text that is selected

From my point of view, the trouble does not comes from deleting something by error.

The problem is how is it possible to do that. I do that everytime (and not only that).

I also am always searching who have the focus in the IDE (if you prefer: where is my cursor).

Hey Peter ! You are not alone. But why all others stay silent is out of my understanding.

I nearly forgot: I use mainly OS X. So this is not a WIndows thing.

I understand that is sometimes difficult to simulate bugs or even fix it, that was the reason why I was thinking why not asking by msg box to delete some item from the left pane. This should solve the issue (workaround). And maybe it can ben configured as an Parameter so this could be turned on/off If needed…

If you find a bug in what control has focus, then by all means report that as a bug.
However, I really don’t think the solution for a PEBKAC is to bug everyone else with dialogs.

haha Tim PEBKAC , good try :wink:

Sorry, but I agree with Peter here.

One of the basic UI design principles should be for a UI to be forgiving, I admit it is half way there with the use of undo, but as Peter says the accident might have gone unnoticed. Accidents do happen. The UI should have this message box, but there should be tick box on the bottom of it do dismiss the message box for those who are used to the Idiosyncrasies of this UI.

However, then you need an option panel somewhere to keep track of those options, and after looking around for an option the other day Xojo has quite a clear statement about its opinion of options.

Insulting a new user to the site isnt the way to go either and assuming that its a PEBKAC when the IDE UI is quite obviously not free from bugs isnt cool even if it was done in jest (it was missing the :wink: so I’m not sure it was).

I have found the problem, and it took me all of a few minutes of messing around in the interface. In fact, I found two bugs which I will report when I have the time.

At the end of the day, its a suggestion, Xojo wouldn’t have some of its features if it weren’t for suggestions or feature requests, but as a whole I hope this forum doesnt get into the habit of belittling new ideas and new users.

Just my 2p.

Confirmation dialogs should be used sparingly, not to hinder considerably the workflow.

As pointed out by Tim Parnell, the undo feature is here to correct mistakes like deleting in the Navigator when one believes to be in the Editor.

Beginners may need training wheels such as what is described, but if I was to confirm each time I delete an element from the Navigator, I tell you, I would probably run away from Xojo fast.

Just a suggestion - but why couldn’t this be a tailored feature that could be turned on/off according to individual preference?

@ - sorry to say posted this immediate thought without absorbing your earlier posting.

I was just whipping up a quick mock up before you edited this in :slight_smile:

I agree with you Michel, training wheels with the ability to remove them when the user can ride is always the best method.

Wouldn’t it make more sense just to remove the delete feature completely? That way there would be no accidentally deletions, nor any need for the dialog box - a win-win in my eyes…

I agree… just don’t make mistakes, and you won’t have to correct them :slight_smile:

I don’t this he was being sarcastic there Dave.

Yes, you could remove the delete key shortcut from it, that would fix the problem as you would physically have to mouse to the entry to delete it, however some users will undoubtedly prefer to click and tap delete on the keyboard instead of bringing up a menu and clicking delete. Saying that, right clicking the entry and hitting D is the quickest method as it doesn’t force a refresh of the window while moving to a new item.

Oh the joys of UI :slight_smile:

Dialogs should NOT be everywhere as you should be able to delete / undo / redo etc
That its behaving this way sure seems like a bug
Report it so we can fix it

A small video of it occurring the way you describe is really useful


+1 on dialog boxes.

I was once hired by a customer who modified his ERP system to display multiple messages and reminders at sales order entry. My mandate was to remove the popups. CSR’s ended up not reading the messages and complaining about the “13 stupid enter keys necessary to save an order on this system”

While a dialog may seem like a good idea, it is often a case where the cure is worse than the desease.

I’d have to spend more time inserting calls to show he dialogs than I would just fixing the bug - once I have a report I can see whats going on

Yeah I think the main issue here is that while Visual Studio does do this for the deletion of items such as classes, forms etc, you dont have to do it for methods, properties etc like you do in Xojo which would inherently show this dialog more often.