Suggest API 1.0 "deemphasized" instead of "deprecated"

See <>.

In short, add a keyword “deemphasized” and mark the API 1.0 stuff with 2.0 replacements that way instead of “deprecated”. The latter implies these items will be removed at some point, even though, realistically, they never will be.

Thanks. Any suggestions of how to get a better overview of existing code bases is appreciated :slight_smile:

I very much hope so… and it would be great if Xojo would officially confirm that.

I’ve just had an “oh, no” experience when looking at <>.
A needed bugfix for API 1, especially in such widely used classes such as Date should not be closed just because it’s “deprecated”… if it would be officially “deemphasized”, that “unwritten rule” would not apply any longer :wink:

I hope this is not “hijacking this thread”. As it’s one of the mentioned “consternation and uncertainly in the community”.
What will happen to API 1? Such as for verified issues? Does Xojo want us to move away from API 1 asap (and we don’t get any more fixes for API 1 classes?), or is the intention to keep it alive for a longer period of time (so it remains supported, which includes bugfixes)?

And probably will. In 10 years maybe, but will.

More likely there will be a required feature or bug in API 1.0 that won’t be fixed that will push you to use API 2.0. Sort of like HTTPSocket pushing us to URLConnection.