Suddenly, all modal dialogs (even MsgBox) close immediately

I have a strange behavior with Real Studio 2012r2.1 suddenly:

I develop two projects in parallel, both sharing many the same classes. Suddenly, in one project, showing a modal dialog will close them right away. They appear briefly on the screen first, though. No buttons get pressed (their Action events do not get called). The other project, even showing the very same dialogs, does not have this issue.

I’ve erased all RS Caches in the ~/Library/Caches folder. I even tried on a second computer, where this happens as well. Nothing helps.

Has anyone else seen this happen? Any ideas what could be causing this?

I saw this a while ago in 2015 R2. It vanished once i rebooted my Mac.

Rebooting is unlikely the fix here as it happens on two computers. Will try anyway (can’t right now).

I am not 100’% sure, but i think i had access right issues on the machine too and fixed them before i rebootet.

Edit: Talking about File access rights… :wink:

Found it. It had something to do with setting AutoQuit too early.

Ah…I’ve had issues with that too. More on Windows than Mac. Very hard to diagnose sometimes.