Success stories/salary

Any Xojo success stories? Please describe your job, salary and experience (for example your age, you started and amount of years you have been programming for). Any stories of big risks you took with failures or successes. Anybody really not have enough money from developing in Xojo?

Whether you are successful or failing to make a load of money from Xojo, please post your earnings here (you don’t need a success story).


you are asking us to give you personal information about ourselves including our salaries? short answer is “I dont think so”!!!


Scott doesn’t like to brag that he made trillions from a tic-tac-toe app for Linux.

Currently? I’m retired and programming for fun and personal use so $$$ from Xojo = $0.
Historical? I refuse to answer on the grounds that you’ll just be jealous.

sshhh Kem, that as a secret between us. :slight_smile:

dream on honey you cant catch this!!!

you are joking right? please say your joking!

You know those “Hello World” apps that everyone dreams of? Dale actually brought that to market and made a fortune to rival Gates, Jobs, and Boss. Critics and fans alike marveled about it was still more useful than Windows. (Oh no he didn’t!)

Would you like social security numbers as well as bank account numbers also? How about credit card account information?


Oliver, I don’t think too many people will openly discuss salary or net earnings on an open forum. It is also considered bad form to have that kind of conversation in a business context.

We will put that one on account of your apparent young age. :wink:

Michael and Louis made their fortunes through their joint venture manufacturing keys for keyboards. Their specialty was the “!” key which really became a profit leader as texting! became!! so popular!!!

Actually we lost money on that venture!!! Warranty replacement costs you know.

The real money was made making robots

Publicly, denying his well-documented success in the “!” key industry, Michael ventured out on his own to form a fledgling startup, M-Bot, manufacturing friendly and green killer robots specifically designed for light housework and world domination. They go public soon… or else.

Well, that did not go so well. Why are people so bothered about an open discussion of salary. Is it because you do not want your customers to see you are making lots so they don’t pirate your software because they won’t care about damaging your salary. I did not think about that tbh. People seem to complain more than at least partially answering a question. Couldn’t you atleast give me an idea of what your salary is like and tell me about your business instead of ranting on at me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

[quote=52499:@Dale Arends]Currently? I’m retired and programming for fun and personal use so $$$ from Xojo = $0.
Historical? I refuse to answer on the grounds that you’ll just be jealous.[/quote]

Current - working for Xojo
Salary - none of anyones business

Historical - same - but also possibly jealousy inducing


I am happy to see that salaries are ‘possibly jealousy inducing’. That gives me hope.


I have had this on my work desk for years “!” , does that look like one of Michael’s?

Asking your salary is nothing like asking your bank details. You cannot knick someone’s money purely from knowing there salary.

You serious about this whole keyboard thing or are you being sarcastic?