Submitting iPad Only App To App Store

I am attempting to start the process of submitting an app to the Apple iOS Store. The app is an iPad only application. In the Application Loader I get an error stating that the binary is not optimized for iPhone 5 and other some iPhone/iPod errors.

Is there a setting in Xojo for creating just an iPad app and not iPhone? Or is there something I have to do in Xcode? Any help would be greatly appreciated to tell Apple this is just an iPad app?

I’m just guessing here but maybe deleting the iPhoneScreen from the Navigator will do this.

There’s lots of things you can specify in Xcode that aren’t exposed in Xojo. I had to submit iPhone 6 screenshots because Apple said my app was “optimized for iPhone 6”, something you can’t specify in Xojo. Also, Apple says my app is for iOS 7 and up. That’s not configurable either.

Hi Art,

I think I figured it out. Under App where you set Default iPhone Screen, you set it to None. I then ran Xcode’s Application Loader again and I did not get the errors, so maybe that will work.

I just don’t see another way to do this. I appreciate you taking the time to help.