Submitting a pull-request to macoslib

I have some typo corrections for the French localization of macoslib, but I don’t know who I should contact in order to be able to submit a pull request.
Is it Charles, Thomas or Kem or any other member of the GitHub project?

Charles or Thomas. Or, if you can, give me a list and I’ll fix them and submit the request.

I can send you the Lingua file. Is this OK for you?

I’ve never worked with a Lingua file before, so I don’t know. :slight_smile: Send it over and we will see.

Just import it file the File/Import menu and you’re all set.
Any address where to send the file?

I’ll send a private message with the address. Just note that I’m in the middle of some additions so it might be a while before I can submit the pull request.

You additions have been incorporated by Vidal and merged by Thomas. Thanks.