Subfolders inside the Resources-Folder

The folder structure inside my Xojo-Resources folder looks like this:

├─ Subfolder1/
│ ├─ file1
│ ├─ subfolder1_1/
│ │ ├─ file1_1
├─ Subfolder2/
│ ├─ file1
│ ├─ file2
│ ├─ file3
├─ file1
├─ file2

In the final OS X package under the Resources-Folder, all of the above files are on the same level, and the folder structure given in the xojo-contents is ignored completely, which makes things messy inside the final resources-folder contained in the buit package.

My gloal is to have inside the final OS X package exactly the above tree structure.

How can i acomplish this?

a) macOS hasn’t been called OS X for years.
b) How do you get the files in the resources folder?

You can use a subdirectory when doing a copy files step:
Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 16.07.42

If you use an IDE script you can do whatever structure you want.

Perfect, thanks!

Not so perfect as it seems, because then you need to manage the access to the files yourself using something like GetFolderitem("").parent.child"Resources").child(“YourFolder”)

When all files are mixed together within the app’s Resources folder, Xojo does it for you.

That’s not a problem, because i know where my files reside after the copy-files-step:

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Yes, this is true.