Subclassing webpage doesn't work on Xojo2013r2

I have the following structure so that I can maximize common code between my desktop projects and web projects

MyClass -> MyClassWin -> WindowBase -> WindowCommon -> WebPage

It works fine on Xojo2013r1

Both Xojo2013r1 and Xojo2013r2 work fine with the Desktop counterpart:

MyClass -> MyClassWin -> WindowBase -> WindowCommon -> Window

MyClassWin was a originally a WebPage or Window depending on the project that was open. MyClass and WindowBase have 95 percent of the code and MyClassWin only has the necessary code to pass events in the window or controls to common code. WindowBase always points to the class WindowCommon and the project loads a different source for the WindowCommon class depending whether it is the Desktop project or the Web project.

When I compile this on r2. It reports that it is unable to find all the controls within the webpage. And upon opening the webpage, all controls are indeed not visible.

What is going on? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

File a report with an example please

After further work, I discovered it has to do with making a WebPage external to the project. I have file the following report. Which as of this writing has been reviewed:

Feedback #28637: Making a WebPage external causes compiler errors on controls