Subclassing AddressbookContacts?

I’m a bit confused about successfully installing a subclass of addressbookcontact.
I set up a class extendeddressbookcontact with the Super Addressbookcontact which I have extended with a few computed properties. But because of the different classes I cannot assign system.addressbook.contacts to an instance() of it. I guess there must be an easier way of forwarding the properties instead of looping through all system.contacts while copying them over to my new classes’ instance. But seems I didn’t attend that lesson …

use extends to add class methods yourself.
Subclassing does not help here.

Once again thanks a lot, Christian! (Still not having found the time to look thoroughly into your RegisterService demo, I guess this will need another week.). So I cannot add own properties but methods doing basically the same as a computed property?

BTW, I found ABAddressbook to be much more efficient than Xojo’s Addressbook class, but there seem to be some problems with your current version (if I did everything right): A double-click is not noticed in people picker, and on the first try it crashed when I entered a search string, telling me there was an unhandled exception. I started the demo again and then this part (searchfield) worked correctly.

And as it seems ABAddressbook is not part of MacOSLib anymore. According to the change log they intended to move it but it fell out of the package somehow. Again not meaning to avoid licensing your ply-ins, but eager to lern as much as possible about that nifty Xojo stuff on my own.

plug-ins, not ply-ins! That autocorrection sometimes kills me.

If you have a problem like a crash. please email me with sample project and crash log.

Done so via your contact form. Thank you again!