Subclassing a WebControl and the Error: This item does not exist Name

Thanks so much to @Patrick Delaney who helped me on the ‘Xojo Peeps’ Slack Channel with this problem. As an aside, if you want to join Xojo Peeps, just send me a private message with your name and email address and I’ll send an invite ASAP.

I’m posting this in case others run into the same problem. My guess this won’t be a problem when the New Framework is applied to Web apps.

The problem is that I was subclassing WebTextField, but I added Text properties to my class. that resulted in an error:

This items does not exist Name

Pat suggested using strings rather than text for my properties which did the trick! Thanks Pat!!!

Could you file a bug report with an example? I’d really like to see what you ran into.

I use Text properties in Web apps and I do not have any problems. Usually I have this error message when I call an instance method or property as if it were a shared one. Maybe in your case Name is a property of a WebTextField (or WebTextFieldSubclass) instance and you might be calling it by WebTextField.Name (or WebTextFieldSubclass.Name) instead of WebTextField1.Name were WebTextField1 is this instance name.

I don’t think that’s the case Eli, but it could be.

I just created a new project and I can’t replicate the problem. However, changing the properties in my subclass within my project did fix my problem.

Note: I ran into this, too. Changed properties from Text to String, but it wasn’t fixed until I closed the project and reopened it.