Subclassed MenuItem handled separately per window

There is an example in the XOJO Examples of WindowMenu.
How do I add to each individual window the subclassed menuitem (in this case WindowMenuItem) as a MenuHandler?

I want to have the event handler Action to be separate for each window.

If I am supposed to add a menuHandler, how do I access the action event?

Specifically I want to receive a folderItem when I click on the menuitem in the window, then pass that folderitem to a method.

In this post Menu Handler Question

[quote]Yes. You can use AddHandler to assign a method to handle the MenuItem.Action event for any menuitem you have a reference to.
My problem is I don’t have a reference to the subclassed menuItem.
When and how do I create the reference

Me.Index ?

Me. + Tab (in the MenuItem subClass) list the available “commands”

I opted for adding to the Subclassed menuItem’s Action event

If Window(0) ISA MyWindow Then End IF
Where MyWindow is the one several windows.