StyledTextPrinter in Windows?

XOJO 2020r2.1 - Windows 10 Desktop

I am in the process of upgrading my app from XOJO 2018r4 to XOJO 2020r2.1. (hoping to win).
My app uses a ‘StyleTextPrinter’.
According to the documentation, this is only available for macOS.
However, it still works in my Window environment.
How is this possible ?
What should I do with this ?


if it still works for what you do, keep it.

On Windows it was using GDI graphics, but since Xojo switched to DirectDraw, this may no longer work well.

It seems that the last version of Xojo for Windows in which StyledtextPrinter works is 2020r2.1. That is the one I am going to have to stick with until Xojo either fixes it or gets a good replacement in place of it.

If it isn’t fixed by the time my license expires I don’t see any urgency to renew.

oops, good that you mention this.
I tested it and indeed in 2021r1 the StyledTextPrinter is no longer working for Windows.
I also find it very sloppy from XOJO that there isn’t a message when running or compiling my app in Windows while using a StyledTextPrinter in my code.
It only stops running when the StyledTextPrinter is launched.
I need to stick with version 2020r2.1 too.

Apparently they assume that I have to test my entire app(s) with every new version to intercept any changes they make … that is not doable because of the size of my app.

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I can’t help but wonder what, if anything, Xojo is going to do to provide StyledText printing on Windows in the post 2021r1 era. And, of course, in what time frame. Lack of this functionality has put a brick wall in my migration to newer Xojo releases.

And, of course, no migration = no license renewal.

“And, of course, no migration = no license renewal”

Good point

Maybe create a PDF and print that? Just guessing as I haven’t used it (my favourite version is still 2018 R3 … after 2012 R2.1 of course).

Yup, seems it’s PDF from here on forward - see:

It should be possible to build your own version of StyledTextPrinter by processing the contents of the TextArea and drawing individual lines.

The problem with generating a PDF (or RTF for that matter) is that it still requires another app to generate a printout. Is it doable? Yes. Is it awkward for the end-user? Yes.

Could I write my on version of StyledTextPrinter? Probably but why should I have to when I have the (almost) perfectly good one already built in with version 2020r2.1?

So, unless I find I absolutely must have some new feature in a later version of Xojo, I won’t be migrating any further and see no need to renew my license when if finally expires.