I need a way to change the color for each character in TextArea.

For desktop this can be achieved with:

TextArea1.StyledText.TextColor(0, 10) = &c19191900

StyledText isn’t available for iOS (so it seems).

Any pointers how to do this in iOS?

This can be done with NSAttributedString: through the attributedText property.

You will need some declares for this.

Funny bit. I use Xcode for creating iOS apps but I had one small Xojo desktop project which I wanted to convert to iOS.
So I tried the cross platform way and tried to make the iOS version in Xojo.

Well, I had to change a lot (and I mean 50% of the code) and came to a dead end with StyledText not working for iOS. Figures…

Another example that Xojo isn’t really crossplatform, especially for iOS. In the meantime I converted it to Xcode within 1 day. Nuff said…

I just converted an old Mac app to iOS and re-used about 50% of the code, but had to go through and change all the String stuff to Text, so it took awhile.