“StyledText.xojo_binary_project” Example

Crash on run for both Xojo 2015r1 AND 2016r1 at:

file = BinaryStream.Open(SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child( "A-Princess-of-Mars.styledtext" ), False)

It also does not have an extension (on OSX).

Error is IOException (how nice !).

The reason is… there is no file with that name in my desktop !

The code is located in MainWindow.LoadButton.Action:

// We are going to load this styled text // information from a file on the user's // desktop.

BTW: unfortunately, that example does not explain what I was searching :frowning:

[after some minutes, I loaded the example back to try to know what happens]
LBN: this example was created by old Chester, on the stone age of REALbasic (probably); but this is not related to the error (missing file).

TO MAKE THE EXAMPLE WORKING, one have to start saving the needed file (a click in Save to Desktop) first, then Load from Desktop ;-:slight_smile:

A note somewhere is welcome and so a disable on two buttons at run time, and that property changed when the user click in the Save to Desktop button. [of course, IMHO].

Thank you for reading.

Be sure to create a Feedback case for this so I can look into it.