styledtext to binary

Is it possible to convert Textarea1.styledtext to binary without the use of folderitems?

Could you elaborate ? This makes very little sense.

Get an eye on the documentation for StyleRun.

You will find there an example to save the styles into a file.

BUT: FolderItem is needed to create, read and write files…

Now, if you do not want to display an Open dialog to the user, it is possible: GetFolderItem.

This is what I want to do:
The user pasts selected text from say, Word or PDF files to the Textarea.
I want to store this in a db, preserving the formats - an RTF
On demand this can than be retrieved with the style intact and printed, etc

I know how to do this with folderitems, but was wondering whether there is
another way to do this.

Simply store TextArea.StyledText.RTFData in a field of your database. It is pure ASCII and does not require any special step.

Upon Retrieval, simply do the reverse

TextArea.StyledText.RTFData = whateverdatafromthedb

Thank you Michel.
I had looked at the RTFData property.
It never occurred to me to use it.
All problems solved and sooooo easy