Struggling with scrolling a webpage

Hi all,

I’m struggling to figure out how to enable scrolling on my webpage. As you can see from my design here I’ve got two the top bit which is a containercontrol, the yellow bit which is a webcanvas and the purple bit which is a web canvas. The bottom bit with a white background is a container control with more controls after the password field.

How do I enable scrolling on my webpage? In an open event handler I’ve attempted applying what the scrolling webpage example which I found in the xojo samples suggests but I’ve come up empty so far. Here’s the code I modified from the scrolling webpage example which i inserted into an open event handler on my webpage:

Dim c As New SimpleContainer

c.EmbedWithin(Self, 100, 400, 600, 349)

mOffset = mOffset + c.Height + 5

If mOffset > Self.Height Then
Self.MinHeight = mOffset
End If[/code]

Any help is really appreciated.


If this is for the web version, you might get better help if you tag it as such…

@shao sean : Thanks. I’ve done so.

Set minimum height to more than the expected browser height. For instance 2500. And your webPage will scroll vertically.

@Michael Bujardet: Thank you A LOT as your suggestion perfectly worked.