Structure field size

Can’t enter field size of a structure in the IDE, tried everything but field size is not editable,
how can it be done ?

You edit the elements & the total size is calculated

Just Write MyString as String * 255 and the filed size is updated

If you need strings in a structure and you are NOT using that structure to pass data to/from an API/Declare
than use a CLASS instead.

Strings in a Structure MUST be fixed length (and I believe, are limited to 255??)

Dave, I cannot vouch for that, I used 255 as an arbitrary value in my example, you may be allowed more. Structures are ok but I was a bit limited because I wanted to hold a picture in mine. I couldn’t understand why structures didn’t allow picture where you predefined the size in the structure declaration so the allocated size was known.

all the more reason to use a class…
Structures can only hold certain intrinstic datatypes , with strings being “special” [and they CAN be longer than 255… I tried)
for example they cannot refer to a class…

99% of the time use a class instead of a structure.
Structures are great for interfacing with dll’s where you may have to use a C like structure.
Or for reading fixed length records from files that are structured that way.

Other than that I’d use a class - even if it has no methods

many thanks, I try it with a class now