Structure 'Debug' info not available

Trying to use ‘Structures’ in my programming. I have a Structure that contains string fields in an array.
When I run the program and debug (break after filling a structure), I look at the variables listing and when I click on the magnifying glass or click on the array (string(255)) that is blue and underlined, nothing comes up to show me its contents. Usually when I click on a single variable, it shows you the binary content, or the contents of an array . Bug or I am doing something wrong.
The debug looks like this
Sysname Verdugo Fire ‘Magnify glass here’’
Systag none ‘Magnify glass here’’
Channeltag String(250) dit pencil icon here’
Channelname String(250) dit pencil icon here’

Out of curiosity why would you use a structure instead of a class ?

I thought I would try Structures, but will give Classes a try . Should the debugger show the Structure contents of an array?

you have an array of structures and those structures contain strings ?
or structure that contains an array of strings ?

it’s not quite clear to me which you have but here I can definitely browse through an array of structures & the field values