Struct, API interfacing

Hi, I need to convert this for use with an external API, but stuggeling to understand how to do this in Xojo.
The problem is the pointer.

typedef struct qwe
BYTE *message;
int length;

We’re going to need more info. A pointer as such doesn’t exist in Xojo, only references. What API are we talking about?

Use the Ptr type for pointers.

Thats what I meen… PTR is 4 bytes this is declared as a byte…

I’m pretty sure BYTE is the type of the data being pointed to, not the pointer itself.

I think it’s something like this :

someMemoryBlock.Ptr(n) ’ Retrieve Ptr stored within the MemoryBlock at offset n

The problem is that this struct is a part of another struct and I have to make the lenght correct.

Andrew hit the nail on the head

Thanks everyone!

15 minutes from the question to the answer.