StringShape Rotation issue with HiDPI on

Hi all,

I make heavy use of rotated text, and noticed in my new Window builds from 2016r2.1, they were all showing as horizontal, looking like the rotation angle was being ignored. I ran the project in 2016r1 and it was fine. I then reloaded in 2016r2.1and turned off “Use Retina/HiDPI” and the text rotated again but looked awful and spindly. (GDI+ turned on)

Anyone else seen this? (I use MBS DrawRotatedTextMBS in my Mac app but that still looks horrible in Windows)


Did you shut down your computer / reboot it / re-run the project ?

Did you “print” the graphics to an offscreen Picture an the display it ?

[quote=285469:@Emile Schwarz]Did you shut down your computer / reboot it / re-run the project ?

Did you “print” the graphics to an offscreen Picture an the display it ?[/quote]

Well, I gave it the full restart and same issue. I draw to the Canvas graphic so nothing changed.

I can workaround for now, just do the Windows build with HiDPI turned off. If I get a quiet moment I will try a new small project and recreate and feedback. Thanks

Actually with HiDPI off on Windows, the rotated StringShape looks horrible. Looked ok in 2016r1. MBS DrawRotatedText looks ok once I get to TextSize=20 or higher but I need smaller. It’s the little things that drive you crazy!!!

Looking at creating Pictures on the fly 2-4x planned size and down-scaling and rotating! All now an unexpected science project!

Then there was a regression … please report it.

I’m hoping to get time in next few days to create a project that shows this. :slight_smile:

This also happens on Windows with HiDPI turned on or off, when drawing a rotated stringshape on a picture with alpha channels engaged. Not without alpha channels as in New Picture(Wid, Hgt, 32). A bug report has already been submitted for this issue.

using R3 or r2 and earlier ?
reason I ask is r3 is the one that you should be checking as r2 and earlier aren’t getting any patches/fixes and this may already be addressed in r3

Last correct version is 2016r1.1. Not fixed in 6.3.

I mean 2016.v3

I think Xojo should give preference to fixing issues caused by recent changes that break features that were working correctly before over newly discovered issues or bugs in new features, in order to avoid developers releasing app upgrades without being aware of a new problem. One simply cannot retest every single feature in an app before each release.

We actually do. They’re called regressions. When filing a bug report, make sure you check the box that says “this worked in a previous version” and then indicate in the notes when that was.