StringShape Border

Hi everyone,

i use a StringShape to draw Text to a Canvas. The border related properties do not seem to have any effect. See if you can get them to work!

[code]dim s as new StringShape

s.X = 250
s.Y = 200
s.Text = “Hello World!”
s.TextSize = 48
s.TextFont = “Arial”
s.Bold = true
s.Italic = true
s.FillColor = rgb(0, 0, 255)
s.BorderColor = rgb(255, 0, 0)
s.BorderWidth = 1
s.Border = 100


Seems like a bug, nothing here in windows10 or macos (sierra) on 2016R4.1

I just ran into this same thing in 2017 R3. Border properties have no effect. does not list StringShape in the Objects who can have a BorderColor.

Also, if the Border property can hide the Border / no Border = no BorderColor.

If the BorderWIdth is set to 0: no Border.

Time for reporting in Feedback

Emile: The list includes Object2D and StringShape is a member. The list does not individually mention OvalShape, RectShape etc. and Border Properties have an effect there.

When you look up StringShape, the Properties include Border, BorderColor, BorderWidth.

Joost: I did. Case 51017

Are-you sure the opacity is 100% (Border property).

[quote]Not a bug
They aren’t supposed to have any effect but since they are properties that exist in the base class (Object2D) there is no way to exclude them from subclasses[/quote] - Norman Palardy

Fair enough but I suggested that the documentation explain this.

To finish out this discussion, it should be noted that this problem has been solved by an update to the documentation explaining that Border Properties have no effect on StringShape.

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