String Help different string values

Any Idea for

how to identify different string values in a string


i need to count like by grouping

Use Split to get the individual values and use a Dictionary to count them.

dim a as string = "10,20,35,100,100,50,50"
dim s() as string = split(a, ",")
dim k as string
dim i, n as integer
dim dict as new dictionary
for i = 0 to ubound(s)
    n = dict.Lookup(s(i), 0)
    dict.value(s(i)) = n+1
for each k in dict.keys
    n = dict.value(k)
    msgbox str(n) + "="+ k

Hi Tim you the Best

thanks for this big idea

Hi Tim

this works but i have second value that is parts of the string
dim a as string = “10:1,20:3,35:3,100:1,100:1,50:2,50:2”

so i need the number of groups and the value

EJ; 2=100 and value =2
2=50 and value=4

how i can store on the dictionary

or save the second value in other dictionary and look it by like index or on array

Right. Accumulate the value in another dictionary. So instead of storing the count and incrementing by one, you will store the value and add the next value to the total.

dim s1, s2 as string
s1 = NthField(s(i), ":", 1)
s2 = NthField(s(i), ":", 2)
n = dict.lookup(s1, 0)
dict.value(s1) = n+1
n = dict2.lookup(s1, 0)
dict2.value(s1) = n + val(s2)