Strawberry Updates: ARGen, VersionTracker

Hello, friends!

I’ve released two cross platform updates this morning for Strawberry Software tools :slight_smile:

ARGen 3.1.1
Fixed: Xojo Lite users will no longer have an issue with the compiler asking for the Postgres plugin
Fixed: Select and show in Finder no longer causes an exception on Mojave only
Changed: Clarified what the error handling types are

VersionTracker 1.2.4
New: SQLDate handling for automatic version increment
New: New changes will insert at the selected row, hold Alt/Option to insert above
New: Change notes now internally track creation date
Fixed: Improved high contrast Edit Button drawing
Fixed: Recent Items no longer crashes on some occasions
Fixed: Can no longer lose changes by zipping around the UI
Changed: Updated About window
Changed: Migrated to Strawberry Software website

Best wishes,