Strategy for help files and installation (inno)

I listened to XOJO Youtube about installers. For the inno setup, if one is installing a file, then it must be included in the list.
If it isn’t included in the list the when it Uninstalls, it won’t remove them.
I have some 40 files (html, and images). Will an installer unzip files like help files, or do I have to include each?

Alternatively, is there a free help system out there? There were some apparently years ago, but they don’t exist that I know of.

You can include a folder in your inno script and the contents will be compressed and included for the installation. I do that with the libs & resources folders.

Thanks Wayne. So for confirmation. This is from the 64-bit example and all I did was replace Libs with Help. Correct?

bit{#XojoAppName}{#XojoAppName} Help*"; DestDir: "{app}{#XojoAppName} Help"; Flags: ignoreversion recursesubdirs createallsubdirs