Strange Window Behaviour

Hi All,

I found that if a window contains a container and with more than around 10 controls, when you run the program and [TAB] through the fields, all the labels in the window become darker and darker, here is a sample app:

Simply use [TAB] to navigate through the fields.

Hi Tony,

I’ve have the same issue with (2016R3)

If you turn off transparency it solves the issue, but not if you have a different background colour. Alternatively, you can insert the label into a rectangle of the same colour as the background - this seems to work for me. You do get some ‘flashing’ but that is pretty much normal with windows.

If you have an image in the background, then that becomes more difficult. You can draw the text into a canvas - more work but fixes the problem.

Thanks Steve, but transparency means…?

Select the label, then in the IDE panel at the right, switch off Transparent (3rd control from the bottom up).

It works now, thanks Steve!

REALLY? . . . well that’s the first time on this forum I’ve actually helped someone else. Usually it’s me asking the questions :slight_smile:

I should also point out that there are probably other work-arounds, but if it works, then all good.


Glad you guys worked it out :slight_smile:

Hopefully all this will be fixed in the release after next (2018r1).

crosses fingers and toes